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Frequently Asked Questions

Payments for membership purchase can be made in either of the ways listed below: Online payment (Online purchase) using Debit card or Credit card or using your Paypal account. Issuing a Check (Cheque) Is Demand Drafts accepted? If yes, what should I put under 'In favor' of field in checks and drafts?

We're sorry. Assetmen Property Management does not offer a Trial Membership. We encourage you to enroll in our annual membership plans. You may assess our service and decide to continue your membership with Assetmen Property Management. We assure you the best service for managing your property. You will see us exceeding your service expectations thereby making you thoroughly satisfied and happy to renew your membership with Assetmen Property Management.

Assetmen marketing team will send you an Invoice receipt through e-mail with the details of the plans purchased in a PDF document. The PDF document will include: name of the plan purchased, cost of the plan purchased, membership validity period, mode of payment made, address(es) of the property associated with the membership and the list of services that are offered for the purchased plan. Below is a sample PDF of the membership purchase receipt. Please click the file to view. Apart from the Invoice, we also send you an e-mail copy of the Terms of Agreement (which you accept on purchase of Assetmen Property Management's plan). The agreement talks about Assetmen Property Management's role in managing a property on behalf of the owner. It also lists the owner's responsibilities on purchasing a plan.

Maintaining or supervising the builders or external vendors are not included on any of our Plans. We also do such kind of supervising the works on request with additional service charges.

Easy! You need not purchase membership for each of your property. Assetmen Property Management has made things easier for you. Assetmen Property Management's Cluster plan comes in place to manage more than one property of yours. Just specify the number of properties to be managed in the Registration form and fill in the address details of each of the properties. On submitting the Registration form, you will be taken to the secure payment page. Assetmen Property Management's Cluster Plan's cost varies based on the number of properties to be managed. On opting for Cluster Plan, you will enjoy the benefits of concessions and discounts before purchasing membership. Please e-mail or call us at +91 984-101-7803 to negotiate the rates.

You'll be eligible for negotiable rates, only if you opt for Assetmen Property Management's Cluster Plan or if you are a 'Privileged' customer of Assetmen Property Management.

Yes, it is possible. Please contact us through e-mail or call us at +91 984-101-7803 to discuss on the final plan rates.


A customer of Assetmen Property Management is entitled to be a 'Privileged' customer in the following cases: If he is in business with Assetmen Property Management for more than 2 years. If he brings more business to Assetmen Property Management (by referring Assetmen Property Management to his friends/colleagues/relatives, thereby encouraging them to enroll membership with Assetmen Property Management). If he has enrolled membership with Assetmen Property Management for Diamond Plan.

Before you make the payment for membership purchase, a Registration form will be given in order to furnish the basic details of you and your property (your full name, your current address, your contact number, best time to call to discuss on maintenance/quotations, number of properties to be managed, address of the property/properties to be managed etc.) Once you fill and submit the form, you will be taken to the corresponding secure payment page of the plan you have chosen to purchase.

Assetmen Property Management does not support Group memberships currently. We consider each apartment as a separate entity. We would be delighted if you and your friends would spend some time to enroll in our yearly membership plans. Assetmen Property Management runs mostly on references. Clients who bring us business are eligible for yearly discount rates. So, encourage your friends, colleagues, relatives to enroll with Assetmen Property Management.


Keeping a house empty benefits nobody. Assetmen Property Management helps to transform your empty house into a home by finding a suitable tenant to rent your house. Our field managers will inspect the house before showing it to prospective renters in order to note down if any important maintenance work must be carried out, say, the walls of the house needed a painting, they would suggest you to order for a painting work. Showing a neat and tidy house always gives a better impression to the renters. Before renting your property, we handpick the tenants very carefully using our tenant filtering system called TRIM (Tenant's Report In Management). TRIM is nothing but an application that stores a database of reviews from the house owners about their tenants. TRIM helps in determining if a tenant is 'tenantworthy' for your property. The report in general has the reviews from the past house owners about the tenant. Separate charges apply if you want to use this system of tenant filtration. Please e-mail us or call us at +91 984-101-7803 for more information on how TRIM system works. Watch out for updates on Mobile TRIM app, very soon by Assetmen Property Management. Assetmen Property Management does not go unseen after renting the house to a suitable tenant. Once the rental agreements are made, the field managers give all the general information to the tenants, like, the nearest commute station, markets, malls, hospitals, restaurants etc. They also provide a pamphlet with the contact numbers of milk-wala, cable/dish TV technicians, LPG office, EB office, Assetmen Property Management's field manager's number in case they are requesting for an urgent repair problem etc. Field managers also have a visit to your property once in every quarter to make sure if the tenant is maintaining your property in a good condition. If a tenant abides by the rental agreement, Assetmen Property Management offers credits to their conduct. We thus not only assess the tenant for your well-being but also help the tenant to have a comfortable and safe stay during his lease period.

Well, good you asked us! The difference is 'dedication in work'. Working FOR the customer is our business. That means we work 'Full-time' and 'On-time'. YOU are our priority. Regardless of the differences in the time zone between India and in the country you live in, you'll be able to contact us for any updates on your property, the maintenance work that is in progress, the new tenant confirmation status and all other details regarding your property.

We keep a list of interested applicants for each rental property. Our field managers would then schedule a meet with each of the applicants individually to show the property. Our field managers will also request the applicants to bring a proof of identity (Driving license/Ration card/ Aadhar card/Voter's ID/Office ID/PAN card) before showing the property to them. In the meeting, our property managers apart from showing the house would also assess the prospective tenant's past tenantship behavior (TRIM - see point 23. for more details). Field managers would also note down the demands of the prospective tenant, such as requesting for a safety grill for the main door or balcony or if they want to negotiate the rent amount or advance amount. We will send a neat report of the meeting along with the tenant's demands and TRIM report.On your approval, we will finalize a tenant.

Rental agreement will be created on a stamp paper between the owner and the tenant with Assetmen Property Management as the guardian to the owner's property. Assetmen Property Management will be responsible in executing the terms in the agreement. Rental agreement will be signed by the tenant and Assetmen Property Management.

We list all such 'tenant behavior clauses' in the rental agreement. The tenant should read through the complete agreement before finalizing the deal. Our property managers get these agreements signed from both the tenants and the owners/property-guardian and also from a third-party witness in a stamped paper. If a tenant fails to adhere to the agreement, we take actions as mentioned in the rental agreement. Please find a sample rental agreement paper attached.

Sure we can. In order to get the benefits of Dedicated Property Managers, you must be a 'Privileged' Customer of Assetmen Property Management.


We accept maintenance works like white-washing, painting, plumbing, cleaning, minor renovation works like fixing grills for balconies/windows, minor fixtures in interiors etc. The maintenance work will be carried out by the workmen in our contacts. Please note that the charges for maintenance/renovation/repair works must be taken care by the owner/membership-holder.

We serve all our customers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Once you contact us and discuss about the renovation/maintenance work that are to be carried out in your property, our field managers will have a visit to the property. They will have a look and contact the workmen (plumbers/carpenters/designers/painters etc.) They will have the workmen into the apartment and explain the requested work. The workmen then quotes for the work to be done. Our field managers do not accept the quote as is. They have experience in this industry and the market. So our field managers will negotiate with the workmen/vendor to get a final quote. Once they get the quotation and the schedule from the workmen, we will send it across for your approval. On your approval and payment, we will carry out the maintenance/renovation work. Not to mention, we take care that the maintenance projects are completed "on schedule".

All the workmen (plumber/electrician/painters/carpenters etc.) in our connections are trustworthy. Assetmen Property Management's resources will supervise the renovation/maintenance work by regularly monitoring the work-area. We check if the workers are on schedule and the assignment is in steady progress. In case you have any other handyman/repairman whom you would like to use for your apartment's renovation/maintenance works, tell us. Assetmen Property Management would be glad to have them in our connections.

Payments must be made 'before' the maintenance work is carried out. Please refer point 15 for more details. Once you approve the quotation and the schedule, you can pay either by issuing a check or through online payment (paypal account/ debit card/ credit card)

When you request for a renovation/maintenance work in your apartment, our field managers will carry out an inspection in your apartment. They will send you the videos/snaps of the work-area BEFORE the maintenance work is started. They will also send you the entire report with videos/snaps of the work-area AFTER the completion of the maintenance work. We also maintain a CRS (Customer Report Sheet) for every maintenance work assigned to us. The report sheet has all details such as the number of workers involved, number of days worked, number of hours worked, daily/hourly wages, materials purchased for the assignment, amount spent for the assignment etc. We send a copy of this CRS to the owner through e-mail helping him to file the cost of the completed maintenance works.

Before handing over the keys to the tenants, our field managers will make sure if all the fixtures in the apartment are in a good working condition. E.g. Air-conditions/electric supplies/bulbs and tube lights/checking for broken tiles/interiors such as a cupboard/water pipes. Thus it is unlikely that the tenants would experience any maintenance problem during his early stay period. In case he finds any maintenance work to be taken care of, he can either e-mail us or call us to this number +91 984-101-7803. If the maintenance issue seems to be trivial, say, tubelight/bulb fuse, the tenant himself can fix such issues. He then can intimate to Assetmen Property Management about the changes made. In case the maintenance issues seem to require immediate attention, such as a water pipe leakage or water motor problems, they will be addressed by our vendors/plumbers/technicians at the earliest. However, if the maintenance works can be carried out only by the apartment's association, then Assetmen Property Management has no control over fixing the issues.

Such urgent and critical maintenance problems will be addressed as early as possible. Once the issue is resolved, we will send an invoice of the completed work to the owner. The owner should then make the payment online (through paypal account / credit card / debit card or by issuing a check in favor of Assetmen Property Management). In case he finds any maintenance work to be taken care of, he can either e-mail us or contact us to this number +91 984-101-7803. If the maintenance issue seems to be trivial, the tenant is accountable to fix and bear the cost of fixing the issue. In case the maintenance issues seem to require immediate attention, such as a water pipe leakage or water motor problems, they will be addressed by the vendors/plumbers/technicians at the earliest.

You are welcome! We welcome our potential customers to have a look on our completed projects. On your request, we will send you few pictures of the work completed.

We have a good network of skilled interior designers and carpenters in our connection. Based on your style and budget, we will be able to recommend a suitable interior-designer or carpenter who can carry out the interior-decoration for your apartment. Such assignments will be completely taken care of with regular monitoring of the work progress by our field manager's team. We can arrange for Google hangouts with the designer team just in case you wanted to explain your design ideas better. For such assignments, before starting the work, we will send you an approximate quote of the materials (sunmica/wallpapers/paint/glass/wood etc.), wages for the workmen, assignment schedule etc. On your approval and payment for the raw materials, we will start the work.


Assetmen offers services like: Friendly visits every month Getting appointment with the doctors and accompanying them for their health checkup Bookings for their travel inside India Packing and moving services if they are looking for a rental house Assisting in getting Visa interview and accompanying them for Visa interview Paying necessity bills like electricity, telephone, mobile, water, garbage, internet, cable, rent, insurance etc. Any other services which you may request

When you need our service for Elderly people, we will have a discussion with you in person or over phone. We will jot down the needs and services requested by you. We will then send you a quote (which is for a yearly service) for the requested services.

You can make payments online (through your paypal account/ credit card/ debit card) or by issuing a check in favor of Assetmen Property Management.


We do provide the service to maintain the properties of residential Indians too. The plan charges mentioned in USD are converted to 'current' Rupee exchange rates when you purchase the deal.

You sure can advertise in Assetmen website. Kindly e-mail or call us at +91 984-101-7803 to discuss. Assetmen Property Management's marketing team will assist you and give complete details.

We're sorry. Currently, Assetmen Property Management does not support the maintenance of such properties. We are focused on managing individual properties like a house/plot/apartment. But maintaining daily-rental based serviced apartments is in the future plans of Assetmen Property Management. In case you decide to lease or rent your apartment on a yearly basis, you're very welcome to enroll in our yearly membership plans.

We're sorry. Currently, Assetmen Property Management does not support the maintenance of such properties. We are focused on managing individual properties like a house/plot/apartment. But maintaining commercial properties such as a Wedding hall/Cinema hall etc. is in the future plans of Assetmen Property Management.

We strive to provide our best services to each of our customers by exceeding their expectations. We assure all our customers will have the utmost satisfaction with our property management services. However, if you find any glitch in our service kindly bring it to our notice. We will analyze the fault and send you our findings. You can then decide whether to continue or to cancel the membership. In case you choose to cancel your membership, a particular percentage (which is a variable) of the membership purchase cost will be refunded, if only we truly feel that our service went wrong somewhere.

Assetmen Property Management does not facilitate membership transfer services.