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Benefits of Assured Rent Guarantee

There are multiple benefits of using our Assured Rent Guarantee services as listed below.

Guarantee your rent

As your contracted Property Management Company, we will guarantee the monthly rent of your property, regardless of its size and location. No matter whether your property is rented, vacant or your tenants are not paying their rent for one reason or another, we will ensure that you are provided with fixed monthly payments. Your days of financial stresses are well and truly over!

Rentals can start within 24 hours

We will transfer your first rental payment to your nominated account within twenty four hours of you signing up for our Assured Rent Guarantee service. You will not have to wait until we find tenants for your property, as we will effectively become your tenant for the duration of the contract. So you can start earning rental income from your property straight away with the help of Assetmen.

ZERO Management & Service Fees

Assetmen believes in complete transparency in all dealings especially costs. We will charge you ZERO Fees to set up an Assured Rent Guarantee contract, and ZERO Fees for Tenant placements. There are absolutely NO hidden extras to pay and we are sure that working with us will save you a significant amount of money. It is definitely a win-win situation for landlords.


We have an experienced team working out of our offices across India who are trained to achieve the highest rate of rent for your property. Seeing as our fees are dependent on your rent, it is our interest to achieve the highest rent for your property. We have extensive knowledge of the rental real estate market and will be able to use it to our advantage when leasing your property.

No viewing or tenants to deal with

When you choose to work with Assetmen we'll manage all viewings and tenants on your behalf. There will be no need to carry out time consuming viewings or tricky reference checks and paperwork. Our experienced leasing team will do it all for you and we'll even guarantee the rent throughout the leasing process.

No empty/void periods

It does not matter whether your property is occupied or vacant, either way you will receive guaranteed rent payments from Assetmen. There is no need to worry about void periods, as even if your property is vacant or the tenants have not paid their rent, our Assured Rent Guarantee  scheme means that we will still pay you. Secure regular income by working with our experienced property letting team.

Timely guaranteed rental payments

Assetmen offer timely and reliable rental payments. We will pay your rent on the same day each month via NEFT directly into your chosen bank account, allowing you to work out your budgets and and other payments on time. With our Assured Rent Guarantee scheme, landlords never have to worry about not being able to meet their financial obligations again.

Regular inspections

Assetmen understands just how important it is to keep your guaranteed rental property in tip top condition. This is why we carry our monthly inspections on all of the properties to manage. During the inspection, we will check that tenants are abiding to their tenancy agreement and keeping your property in a good condition. We will then email an inspection report to you for your peace of mind.

Properties returned in original condition

It is our aim to find the best tenants to live in your Assured Rent Guarantee rental property, but for your peace of mind we will ensure that your property is returned back to its original condition when they move out. If the interior of your property is damaged in some way, we will ensure it is fixed or replaced, preventing you from taking a financial hit.

No utility bills, property taxes & no worries

We aim to make renting your property a hassle-free process. From the minute you sign up to our Assured Rent Guarantee services, we will take full responsibility of your property’s utility bills and property tax. Our experienced leasing agents will ensure the payments are deposited regularly and in a timely manner, so they are no longer your responsibility. We make earning income from your property easy for you.

Online Management

As a Landlord with Assetmen, we provide you access to our Online Portfolio Manager where you can view complete details of your property including income statements, tenant information and historical records. The Online Portfolio Manager can be accessed 24*7 from anywhere in the world and we are also in the process of extending its capabilities and accessibility via a smartphone app for iOS & Android.

Flexible leasing to suit you

Worried about getting tied into a lengthy contract? Don’t be! Assetmen offer flexible Assured Rent Guarantee contracts to landlords in Delhi & Gurgaon. We can guarantee rent in both the short term and long term, with flexible contracts from as little as six months to a period up to nine years. We provide customized Assured Rent Guarantee contracts that are designed to meet your individual needs and requirements.