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We will inspect the property, take pictures of the site, shoot a video and send you a report. If you have a specific thing to be monitored within the premises of the property, please inform us.

Visits will be scheduled, pictures taken and sent along with a report on a periodic basis. Ad hoc visits on request, within the ambit of the total number of visits can be accommodated with prior advance notice.

In the event of any noticed encroachment or attempt to encroach, misuse or deterioration that will adversely affect the property, you will be promptly intimated. On serious encroachment cases, we will help you file a complaint with the local police station, as may be necessary.

If your property is a plot and is already fenced, you can opt to put a signboard intimating that this property is being monitored and is under the care of TTK.

If you need fencing to be done or signboards to be put up, it can be carried out through a vendor at extra costs.

Total Visits 12


The service enables you to list your property for a good 6 months, because we understand that sale of property is a long drawn process.

We currently do not provide brokerage services on resale of properties.

On receiving a request and payment of your listing fee, our trained staff will visit your property by appointment.

Floor measurements of your property will be taken along with pictures and a video walk-through. The property will also be geo-tagged and the verified details with a floor plan will be posted to the Assetmen website as a resale listing with your expected price.

Any enquiries generated through the site will directly flow in to you. And you can directly interact with the prospects and take it forward.

A listing that is more accurate and informative ensures that you connect only with the right prospects and do not waste time showing it to those that may not find it the right fit.

Assetmen also provides separate legal assistance and agreement drafting services (on pay basis), once you have identified a good prospect for the sale.