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Assured Rent Guarantee

Imagine renting out your property but never having to chase the rent, fix the tap or find a tenant again! Now Imagine all this and receiving your rent every month, on-time without lifting a finger!

This unheard scenario in the Rental Real Estate market is made possible by Assetmen - offering Landlords across India our unique one-of-a-kind, trusted and reliable Assured Rental Guarantee Plan!

The professional Rental team at Assetmen understands that the main concerns of any Landlord is - receiving regular rental income AND ensuring that their property is well maintained.

Waiting for your property to be let or having to deal with tenants that are not paying their rent can be a real stress. This is why we offer a guaranteed rent scheme. We’ll guarantee your rent every month so you’ll never have to worry about late rent payments again!

In a nutshell, we provide "hassle free renting". You receive fixed monthly rental payments regardless of whether the property is 'rented' or 'vacant' and even if the tenant stops paying. We offer 2-5 year Rental Management contracts during which we manage every aspect of the tenancy. There are absolutely no fees or hidden extras to pay. The key difference between our Assured Rent Guarantee and the regular traditional services is that it is a contractual agreement between us and you (the Landlord) in which we pay you the monthly rentals irrespective of tenancy!

Features of the 100% Assured Rentals Guarantee Plan -

We aim to take as much of the hassle out of renting a property but still ensure that you receive market rents, we do this by:

* Signing up your property for 1-5 year contracts. 
* Generating market value rents on the property. 
* Paying the rent to you on the same day every month, guaranteed. 
* Paying you rent even if the property is empty.
* Carry out a full management service at 0% commission. 
* Monthly Property Inspections. 
* Carrying out a inventory check FREE OF CHARGE. 
* Claiming and rectifying for damages done. 
* Getting the property ready for a new tenant by cleaning, painting, making good, etc each time a tenant moves out. 
* Carrying out minor repairs FREE OF CHARGE. 
* Use our in-house facility management team to deal with all the day to day issues.