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About Us

Assetmen is a single point solution for all property needs. We aim to increase the transparency of your real-estate needs by providing end-to-end property services by assisting our customers with all kinds of property needs.

Our intent is to empower our customers by providing assistance to rent, lease, buy, sell, manage and safeguard properties. This is done with the help of our in-house experienced team, who are well aware of the formalities required, complemented with customer friendly (proprietary) technology for hassle free and transparent experience.

If you are looking for assistance to deal with your real estate needs, Assetmen assists by handholding you throughout the process. This is done because, the information regarding the legality and paperwork available is irregular and insufficient. Our vast experience, will help you in sorting out the real estate hassle, rightly, and on time, protecting you from the unnecessary ordeal.

Unlike other unprofessional service providers, we commit to transparency in every step of the process in handling your property by keeping you well informed through our proprietary web based application, which is a customer friendly dashboard that can be accessed through a unique and safe login feature.

Our team comprises of experts with vast experience in the domain of property management, real-estate infrastructure developers, auditors and legal advisors to provide complete solution pertaining to your property.

Assetmen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salvador Property Management Private Limited, co managed by Hadi Infrastructures and Development Private Limited. We have built impeccable trust with our customers over two decades, and continue to do so across all our verticals.

What We Do

  • Property / Tenancy Management
    • Property Vigilance
    • Tenancy Managemen
    • Maintenance and Repair
  • Buy and Sell Assistance
    • Buying Guidance
    • Selling Assistance
    • Rental - Brokerage Services
  • Paperwork & Legal
    • Paperwork
      • Patta
      • Encumbrance Certificate
      • Name Transfer (Tax and Bills)
    • Legal Services
      • Legal Opinion
      • Document Drafting Services (Agreements, Deeds and Other Documents)
      • Property Registration Guidance
      • Rental Agreement Assistance
    • Auditing Services and Tax Consultation
      • Property Value Evaluation
      • Repatriation of Funds
      • Long term or Short Term Capital gain Taxation
      • Financial Accounting Assistancee
  • Property 360
  • Turnkey Property Development and Construction
  • Payment Services
    • Property Tax
    • Water Tax
    • Bills (Electricity & Maintenance)
    • Vendor Payments